Titan Genesis

Titan, The Ultra Man is a character created by Tony Kittel. Andre Brown created these circumstances that fuse both universes into one in the cinematic world. Tony Kittel’s characters interact with characters created by Andre Brown in this unique series, bringing original threats and fresh story plots that takes these heroes through remarkable adventures.
Synopsis: The Ghost Writers, “Talow and Ink Knight” are specialized individuals from Dimension: Negative 1. They were summoned by a supreme warlord named, “Nightfall Reaper”. His main goal is to destroy Titan: The Ultra Man mainly because in his timeline, Titan was able to stop his plans and was able to defeat him, almost close to death. He wanted to not only kill Titan; he wanted him erased from time. The ghost writers come into Titan’s life to rewrite his whole life. Titan must now start over as his younger self, battling memories of a life he has once lived, learning to use his abilities again, and stop these two from trying to erase him from existence. He doesn’t have all his abilities yet, but when a creature named Force Bull comes from a time that he was in his prime, death seemed to be slowly approaching….until Inviza came to save him! She is from Dimension: Negative 1 and she has come to help Titan through this ordeal. Season one takes these characters into impossible situations so they can develop hero skills, teamwork, and a bond that shapes this side of the comic universe. Below is the cast and crew for this show.



  • Executive Producers: Wayne Robinson; Page Turner Entertainment; Andre Brown; Julian-Thomas Burke; Rico Picante
  • Writer/Producer: Andre Brown; Tony Kittel; Wayne Robinson
  • Writers Anthony Devlin; Wayne Robinson; Julian-Thomas Burke
  • Creative Directors: Andre Brown, Wayne Robinson, Tony Kittel
  • Producers: Sean Btista; ReBrand, LLC; JayKeem The Dream; Kendell Clarke
  • Created by: Andre Brown


Name: Marcus Cameron
Group Affiliation: The Regulators
Base of Operations: Sky City, Maryland
First Appearance: Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate Graphic Novel

Abilities: Titan possesses vast superhuman strength (class 100+), flight, invulnerability, speed (Mach 3), endurance and optic blasts. Due to the cosmic stellar energies merged within his cells, Titan also can sense and radiate high levels of stellar power. Titan can also absorb energy to holster his already impressive powers or project them as powerful energy blasts.
(*Created by Tony Kittel.)

Real Name: Inviza Moonstone
Race: Monso
Temperate: Calculating; strategist; direct; closed minded; suspicious; caring

Abilities: superhuman strength, stamina, speed and reflexes; she wields laser-like energy blades and daggers crafted from rare stones and metals from Dimension: Negative 1; is a highly proficient hand-to-hand combatant; she has also developed strong tactical skills; She has extensive skills with “Erji” fighting sticks, swords, daggers, and blades.

Name: Pamela Martin
First Appearance: Titan the Ultra Man #1

Abilities: Supernova can control and generate both heat & light energy (including nuclear fusion), possesses flight, super-speed, gravity manipulation, intangibility & invulnerability due to density manipulation and can tap into any form of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum.
(*Created by Tony Kittel.)

Casted for the role: Kay Sharon

Real Name: Jace Walker​
Race: Advanced human/sorcerer/Migon
Temperate: Irresponsible; reckless; comedic; selfish; impulsive; skilled

Abilities: A specialist in spiritual sciences; expert in the “Spiritual Plane”; the ability to teleport himself, his clothing, and a certain amount of additional mass from one point to another virtually instantaneously; because of his sorcery background, he has gained a vas of wisdom from multiple scrolls and majestic books of magic. With that wisdom he has learned to do extraordinary feats on command such as flight, shrinking objects, invisibility, conjure creatures and objects that he can control telekinetically, travel across interstellar distances, translate practically any language in the Universe, and more; an exceptional street fighter and cage brawler; with direct, uninterrupted focus he can tap into his telepathic power. That vast psionic power enables him to manipulate the minds of others, project mental illusions, cause loss of particular memories or total amnesia, induce pain mentally and/or physically, an ability to manipulate chaos magic, etc.; to protect his soul from the multi-dimensional creature, “Faytaliti” his mother placed a protective spell over him and made it permeant with a protective seal. That seal is the symbol of the “Zion Eye” which is reflected in the palm of his right hand and cannot be removed. The Zion Eye increases all his mystic powers and abilities to another level. It also connects with a rare imperial spell that can consume him in mystical energy that can be used to achieve almost any effect he desires, including: energy projection, bestowing of unlimited power, lethal radiation beams, and more. This can only be done for a temporary timeframe.

Casted for the role: Donnell Lattimore

Real Name: Masako Eimi
Race: Japanese
Temperate: skilled; focused; team player; aggressive; determined

Abilities: Given the power of the Dark-Star from her father, it allows her to summon and focus her chi (or natural energy) and enhance her natural abilities to extraordinary levels; reflexes, agility, durability, strength, mental focus, and coordination enhanced through the Dark-star force; can also focus chi energy inward to heal her body or outward to heal others of injury; is a martial arts expert, one of the finest in the Spectacular Ink universe; perfect balance and equilibrium; The most common usage of her powers was the manifestation of “Chi fusion” which causes the Dark-Star force to be linked to her array of weapons and blended with its attacks; later building an alliance with Guardian ninja, she learned a new variety of fighting styles then making her an expert Japanese ninja assassin; the Dark-star force can also be used as energy attacks (ex. to project a focused beam of directed that could incapacitate or kill a living being instantly; generate dark bolts that could stun; utilize distanced dark-storm assaults; chi force fields; etc.)

Casted for the role: Miyori Nakamura

Real Name: Timothy Rush
Race: African-American (Advanced Human)
Temperate: Energetic; cheerful; overconfident; skillful; athletic; big-headed

Abilities: Through a blood transfer from Phenomenon, Timothy has been giving the following abilities: capable of moving and thinking at superhuman speeds; run at supersonic speeds of up to Mach 13 and resist the effects of friction, reduced oxygen, and kinetic impact while moving at super-speeds; he is able to quantum-funnel through objects by making the speed frequency match his so he can get through the objects; can create shockwaves with his speed and friction; superior agility and reflexes over other advanced humans; able to absorb kinetic energy to an extent enabling him to move faster than teleportation, leaving the relativistic regime of physics; can move, think, and react at light speeds. He has displayed, on many occasions, that he is an acrobatics expert due to his football, Wing Chun, and boxing background.