The Legendary Crusdae

Designed with the ultimate battle experience, The Legendary Crusade is an exclusive trading card game formulated for Spectacular Ink fans. Using villains or heroes, duelist can follow these guidelines into battling with friends and gain the supreme power of being the greatest! In this gives a little synopsis of the battle structure and how the game is played:

  • Each player uses their own deck to play the game. In our format, a deck must have a minimum of 40 cards.
  • Within your deck, you are allowed to have 11 villains/heroes.​
  • Once you have used all your villains/heroes, you are only able to use the ones on the board. Once they have been defeated in battle, you lose.
  • Life points are given for each victory within the duel. Enough Life points can be traded to revive a fallen villain/hero.
  • Each turn consists of one attack, one pull of a card, or one defense mode.
  • Play with your friends and family.