Death Wisher


Ruckus Borough. The Outskirts of Algebra State. This rough area requires special attention…attention that is brutally honest with a fist of justice! Death Wisher is a very unique miniseries that takes place in the early stages of her career as a vigilante. This genre reflects elements of Thrill, suspense, and mystery. A gritty crime drama that opens the floodgates to edge of your seat tension with dynamic twists and turns.


Name: Death Wisher
Real Name:
Sophia Sinclair (Female)
Race: Human
Temperate: Anger; aggression; vengeance type mentality

Abilities: Specialized training by Messenger; highly skilled assassin; able to maneuver in tight situations; highly skilled gymnast, acrobat; expert martial artist (including karate, judo, kenpo); expert tactician; exceptional fencer and marksman

Miniature Bio: Rapped and abused, Sophia was a chained up sex slave to the green dragons, a dysfunctional biker group. After four months, she finally tried to escape but was caught. They abused her and spit on her, then raped her more. When they were on the verge of killing her, Messenger came in and saved her. He defeated this group and they all got the death penalty. He trained her and took care of her. She developed a vengeance and a burning desire to stop cirminials….by any means necessary. Messenger didn’t believe in killing. Sophia left Messenger’s base, on her own journey as an anti-hero.

Casted for the role: Teshia LeSane

Abilities: Accidently exposed to a rare chemicals, Maxwell became a very dangerous “A-1” Level Advanced human; his abilities are very diverse, mainly being able to duplicate the properties of anything he touches; he can actually transfer those properties into a human being, changing the anatomy of an individual to adapt into an advanced human with that ability. Beyond that, he has the capability of absorb sufficient mass, consciousness, intellect, and more. He has the ability to absorb the life-energy, superpowers, and knowledge of their victims through physical contact, and is also able to drain virtually any other form of energy and use it as a power source…however, he has to soften the atmosphere and manipulate the individual through conversation and persuasion. At that point, he uses a hidden ability he has called, “Psychic Talk”. “Psychic Talk” is an ability to sway a person into his will. He begins to use phrases and references that begin to expose the person’s deepest secrets and he pulls that information to adjust the circumstances to his will. The following characters are the different personalities of Maxwell where each one has a different power:

Tina Keymo (Able to summon a special blast that has a collection of magical and electrical properties. She is very aggressive and exerts her will on others through elite force.)
King LL (Skilled military solider; able to bend his reactions and movements to play with the naked eye, projecting things in either a slower or faster reaction.)
Adam Noir (possesses superhuman strength and stamina, and has extremely-dense skin and muscle tissue, which render him highly resistant to physical injury; a mob leader.)
Exodus Blaze (process pure heat and use the energy to create intense, strong and powerful bursts of flames; capable of manipulating and controlling heat externally to create solar attacks.)
Mister Cynical (Can manifest telekinetic attacks composed of raw psionic energy; psychotic mannerisms.)
Marvelous Dazzla (generate astrotechnic energy plasmoids throughout the atmosphere; bubbly personality.)

Casted for the role: King Q