Confusion and invasions across the universe in the Spectacular Ink Comic world caused some of the greatest leaders to come together to fuse there resources. In this action, the Universal Bureau Investigation was born, addressing situations in the universe like: Alien invasions, illegal extraterrestrial trafficking, global terrorism, and more. Below is a structure breakdown of the key individuals that keeps the U.B.I. running. They built a base called, “Orion Phantom” which is basically the size of earth’s moon and they decided to have it 39,000 miles above Earth and follows Earth’s orbit.


– BD-18 (Planet Monzar)
– Lord Atlanta (Planet Atmo)
– Ambassador Aira Zor (Planet Grace Halo)
– King Kombal (Planet Iris)
– President of the United States (Earth)

– Chief Emanuel Smoke

– Director Serena Rivers (Chief of Thunder Squadron)

– Crea Stui

1. Office of Security Division
2. Office of Integrity and Compliance
3. Office of Universal Employment Opportunity Affairs
4. Office of General Counsel
5. Resource Planning Office
6. Finance Division
7. Office of Universal Affairs
8. Records Management Division

Organizational structure

1. UBI-Intelligence Branch
2. UBI- Universal Security Branch
3. UBI- Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch
4. UBI- Foreign/alien Science and Technology Branch
5. UBI- Galactic Archives Branch
6. UBI- Human/Alien Resources Branch

– Mia Life (Special Black missions)

– Bruce Powell (Investigation Unit)

Thunder Squadron (First response; Elite Task Force)
Task Force E-1 (Chief Palmer Gunn; Captain Alexander Turner)
Black Troopers (Specialized in heavy battles and Black missions)
Universal Officers (Specialized in undercover missions and detective work)
U.B.I. Agents (Standard U.B.I. training; universal traveling and defense)

The UBI’s mandate is established in Article: 68 “The People & Alien Creed”, Section 934, which authorizes the “Leaders (Broad of Directors)” to detect, investigate, and prosecute crimes against the universe. Other galactic statutes give the UBI the authority and responsibility to investigate specific crimes. The UBI has jurisdiction over 189 Planets. All investigations have to go through the Board of Directors, most of which are communicated to Commander Emanuel Smoke. He is technically the one that reports to the Board.

The Broad of Directors has pulled their resources together to develop a massive and exclusive base for all of their agents only. The primary headquarters, “Orion Phantom” which is basically the size of earth’s moon, houses their training facilities, base of operations, and it’s the most heavily guarded base known to any alien species that’s aware of their existence. They decided to have it 39,000 miles above Earth and it follows Earth’s orbit. In this base it has some of the following:
1. Astro teleportation units
2. Advanced training arenas
3. Battle Units
4. Equipment Vault
And more…..
It also has the universally famous “Oval Station”. It is the most technological advanced situation room in the universe. It has hologram computers, quantum processors, the greatest investigative lab, and the strongest communication system, enabling them to communicate with far distance planets. It can run diagnostics, hack into all cameras and microphones simultaneously, and can do multiple functions.
On each planet, there is a Universal Bureau Embassy that is mostly disguised as something else, concealed, or it’s underground. They have also developed three unique mobile command centers that each serves a unique purpose:

“The Primal Goliath”
The Biggest of the three, housing some of the most state of the art equipment and weaponry in the universe. It has the capability to cloak, move through space at hyper speed and has protective quantum generated shield. The main platform can sit 150 agents, and it’s also equipped with 175 living spaces with full showers, gym, 4 training arena, 7 kitchens, and many more amenities. In the bottom cockpit, it can hold 10 Zyi-7 fighter space jets, 6 Hulker moon-drivers, and other equipment. This is used for longer investigations needing a massive team to be on site of the planet that is potentially too far away for Astro teleportation unit.

“Jaku Mosaic”
Mid-size. Half the size of the Goliath. Used for a much smaller team but has a more advanced investigative crime lab built in. It can power more because of its more compact size and can move two times faster than the Goliath. Equipped with specialized weapons and trackers.

“Crown Eagle”
A lot more compact. Smaller yet efficient. The Thunder Squadron uses this mobile command base the most. Holds up to 10 agents in the front command area, 2 kitchens, gym, 1 training arena, and more. Has the capability to cloak like the other two and is the fastest through hyper space. Has the capability to summoned worm holes to go into other parts of the universe faster.


The UBI is equipped with the most advanced weapons from Plasma Cannons to earthquake grenades. Some agents are born with unique abilities, and the UBI has designed weapons to enhance their weapons.