Motion Man

Real Name: Alexander Turner
Race: Human
Temperate: Arrogant; Caring; Confident; skillful; leadership

Abilities: the ability to conjure any weapon of thought to digitally appear; abnormal strength and agility; Whatever their shape or size, these weapons can last as long as needed and can change into a different weapon of choice when needed by thought; can digitally teleport short range areas with proper thought, although at first it takes him a while to learn and longer to master; all five senses enhanced a higher level than humans; C.I.A specialized field agent; Marine Corps. Captain; shows great proficiency with the katana and other melee weapons; He has gained a reputation for being able to “turn any object into a weapon”;

Razor Shot

Real Name: Titan Clarke
Half human/half Hood (male)
Temperate: Arrogant; accurate; skillful; bounty hunter; Ass-hole

Abilities: Trained mercenary ; Abnormal strength and senses; superhuman precision; proficient hand-to-hand combatant; expert assassin; able to take on multiple low leveled fighters at one time; the ability to shoot an arrow down the barrel of a gun; an innate ability to throw virtually any object as a projectile with incredible accuracy and with enough force to be lethal; has exceptional physical conditioning, with the agility, reflexes, stamina, and speed two times better than of a professional athlete; excels in the use of ranged weapons, especially the bow and arrow, and carries a quiver containing a number of customized “Tech Arrows”;


Real Name: Samantha Anastasia
Race: Advanced Human
Temperate: skilled; caring; leadership; emotional

Abilities: Able to conjure star like energy at will from her hands; power to generate bright bursts of colorful energy from her palms to her fingertips; varies in degrees of power and intensity ; C.I.A. specialized field agent; able to sense other nearby energy; is a master combatant with multiple forms of martial arts; Olympic-level athlete, strong in gymnastics and swimming, with a high level in athleticism in human strength, speed, stamina, agility, dexterity, reflexes & reactions, and coordination

Raphael Wonder

Real Name: Raphael Wonder
Race: Migon (Male)
Temperate: Peaceful; humble; team player; skillful; resourceful; underestimated

Abilities: Specialist in spiritual sciences; Master in the “Spiritual Plane”; skilled in hand to hand combat; able to transfer spirits from one existence to another; 1st degree black belt; telekinesis, telepathy; vas knowledge and wisdom in different fighting forms and spiritual/mental warfare;

Chief Palmer Gunn

Real Name: Palmer Gunn
Race: Human (Male)
Temperate: Leader; confident; bold; daring; bossy; demanding; caring

Abilities: Is a seasoned unarmed and armed combat expert; He has honed his unarmed combat skills and holds a black belt; a demolitions expert, vehicle specialist, and skilled in the use of military weapons such as firearms and grenades; an expert assassin and spy; He is also fluent in many languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Latin, and Japanese; wears a titanium alloy weaved, shock-absorbing suit in battle; top marksman in his field

Melody Collins

Real Name: Melody Collins
Race: Human (Female)
Temperate: Caring; skillful; open minded; team player; reliable; trustworthy

Abilities: a genius-level intellect and naturally possessing a photographic memory; earned Ph.D.’s in Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering; further developed her knowledge ranging from artificial intelligence to quantum mechanics as time progresses