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Welcome to the world of Spectacular Ink Comics! We believe in telling epic stories with diversity, unification, and significant meaning highlighted in positive change. You will witness original stories told with a legendary flare…from grand space operas to Spy thrillers, there is something for everyone! Creating Spectacular Ink Comics in 2004, Andre Brown built a detailed universe with a cohesive foundation that made things self-explainable and quite enjoyable. Jump in our world and become Spectacular!


The Legendary Crusdae

Designed with the ultimate battle experience, The Legendary Crusade is an exclusive trading card game formulated for Spectacular Ink fans. Using villains or heroes, duelist can follow these guidelines into battling with friends and gain the supreme power of being the greatest! In this gives a little synopsis of the battle structure and how the game is played:


Vasha captures Jace Walker to place his mind in the “Anarchic Realm”.


Young teenage girl growing into her powers and being a teenager.


They were summoned by a supreme warlord named, “Nightfall Reaper”.


Miniseries that takes place in early stages of her career as a vigilante

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The Associates

The city, “Futura” use to be a thriving city of investors and millionaires. Lately, crimes have risen and causing an epidemic of disaster. Vin grew up as an orphan in this city and wants to rebuild it back to its greatness. He goes around the world and recruits some of the most lethal and extraordinary individuals that have dealt with rough childhoods and pain which allows them to have the heart to deal with killers and terrorists that threaten the people of this city. Thus, The Associates are born!

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